AGGIE PROPERTY INSPECTIONS performs thorough and quality home inspections to existing homes in Duluth, Lawrenceville & the surrounding areas. Inspections services we provide are as follows:
  • Home Buyers Pre-closing Inspections
  • Home Sellers Pre-listing Inspections
  • Roofing Inspections
  • Radon Inspections
Our commitment to our customers Aggie Property Inspections, LLC is committed to providing detailed and quality inspections that gives our customer’s peace of mind.
Your Realtor's job is to find the perfect home, in the right location and with all of the amenities you want--and at the right price. It is the home inspector's job to find any skeletons in the closet, or more likely in the plumbing, wiring, roof, basement and beams.
The inspector won't pass or flunk a house based on what he finds, but will go over the house thoroughly to help you understand what it is you are buying. If there are any serious problems, and if they are reflected in the price, your inspector can give you a realistic idea of how much the repairs will cost. If there are surprises, you will have the opportunity to re-open negotiations with your sellers before you commit to the purchase.
A good inspector will also explain how some of the basic emergency systems work, such as the main water cut off valve and the circuit breaker box, and go over the items that will need routine maintenance. If you are buying a house, we recommend that you make a professional home inspector part of your home purchase team.

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